October 16, 2021

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Google Rolls Out a Feature to iOS App Allowing Users to Delete Last 15 Minutes of Browsing History

Google Rolls Out a Feature to iOS App Allowing Users to Delete Last 15 Minutes of Browsing History

Tech giant Google on Thursday announced a new addition to its Search that will allow users to delete the last 15 minutes of their browser search history – in just two taps. The feature will be initially rolling out to its iPhone app and Android app will get this feature later this year. The feature, however, is not available for desktop users as of now.

An auto-delete feature is already available on Google that allows users to delete the web browser history after 3, 18 or 36 months or deleting searches by hand for desktop users. According to the tech giant, this new privacy feature adds another level of privacy. This is not in the Chrome app on the iPhones but instead the main Google app. However, it will still delete anything the users have searched for in Google through Chrome. Users can delete the browsing history by opening the Google app, taping the profile icon on the top right corner, and then tapping on the “Delete Last 15 min” option. Google has also announced that users can choose to require extra verification when they sign in for My Activity. In addition, it will also be actively notifying users when it comes across any passwords that may have been compromised or reused across multiple sites. The feature was announced in the annual developer conference of Google I/O 2021. With this new tool, users will also need to provide additional information such as password or two-factor authentication before the entire search history can be disclosed. It also said that the company tracks through users browsing history to personalize experience when web browsing. The company tracks the Search history only if the Web and App Activity setting is enabled.

Google Safe Browsing provides robust protection to over four billion devices across the globe by giving people warnings when they attempt to access dangerous sites or download unsecured or dangerous files.