October 16, 2021

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Otsuka Collaborates with Digital Health Company Holmusk, Inc. to Enhance Data Analytics and AI for Behavior Health Programs

Otsuka Collaborates with Digital Health Company Holmusk, Inc. to Enhance Data Analytics and AI for Behavior Health Programs

pic courtsey: https://www.otsukakj.jp/en/

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization Inc., which is a part of the Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, announced a three-year partnership with digital health company, Holmusk, Inc. to develop one of the largest real-world evidence platform for behavioral health in the world. The collaboration deal is valued around USD 4 million annually and follows Holmusk’s recent acquisition of the U.K-based Otsuka Health Solutions.

Holmusk, Inc. is focused on developing digital solutions to accelerate research, innovation, and care on behavioral health. It leverages proprietary analytics – along with Natural Language processing and disease models developed by predictive analytics – to refine behavior health data. Under the collaboration, Holmusk and Otsuka will together work to bolster the understanding of the unmet clinical demands and real-world outcomes by utilizing analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) on various real-time data sources. The insights can be used across Ostuka’s portfolio of products and can potentially improve patient outcomes. Ostuka develops and manufacturers pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that are commercially available everywhere. It is striving to be a global leader in treating mental, renal, and cardiovascular health conditions and has an extensively ongoing research in oncology, tuberculosis, and other diseases that are a matter of public health concern. Holmusk’s real-world evidence platform, NeuroBlu, generates real-world data using analytical tools and enables users to derive insights from data of more than half a million patients. Otsuka’s division, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Limited shifted control of its Otsuka Health Solutions that is based in the U.K. to Holmusk, Inc., as a part of the collaboration. Otsuka Health Solutions focuses on improving delivery of mental health services through predictive analytics.

According to Christoph Koenen, MD, Exec. VP, and CMO of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization, this association with Holmusk will bolster Otsuka’s abilities in catering to unmet clinical needs of people living with complicated and chronic diseases.