October 16, 2021

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Tech Mahindra Joins Forces with StaTwig to Deploy Blockchain-based Vaccine Supply Chain Traceability Solution on a Global Scale

Tech Mahindra Joins Forces with StaTwig to Deploy Blockchain-based Vaccine Supply Chain Traceability Solution on a Global Scale

pic courtsey: https://seenews.com/news/indias-tech-mahindra-opens-rd-centre-in-western-romania-672878

Indian multinational company, Tech Mahindra announced a strategic collaboration with Hyderabad-based StaTwig, which is SaaS startup focusing on solving the problems of global vaccine shortage due to inefficiency in supply chains. Under the partnership, the two companies will be working on deploying blockchain-based traceability solution to improve transparency of the global vaccine supply chain, predict and prevent problems and failures in supply chains – including expired vaccines, stock-out, and procurement of counterfeit products.

Tech Mahindra and StaTwig, which is a Singapore and Hyderabad-based provider of digital supply chain software, aim to deploy StaTwig’s VaccineLedger technology on a global scale. VaccineLedger is an open source platform that has been specifically designed to improve end-to-end traceability at vial level in global vaccine supply chain. It can be easily incorporated with existing systems and shows immediate results in countries where it is deployed. The platform leverages blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to track the location and condition of vaccines as they pass through different touch points in the supply chain. The sensors monitor the temperature of the vaccines to assess if it is about to be spoiled. The companies will also focus on developing a global consortium that will include vaccine researchers, pharma companies, government bodies, distributors, and healthcare professionals. StaTwig will leverage expertise of Tech Mahindra which includes balance sheet support resource scale, and system integration knowledge. Tech Mahindra has also invested in the development and testing of numerous enterprise security modules for mobile and web application that will offer support to the unique requirements of manufacturers and government.

StaTwig is a UNICEF Innovation Fund Portfolio startup and Gavi Infuse Innovator and World Economic Forum Global Innovator. Recently, in June 2021, the startup was awarded £440,000 in a contest launched in the U.K. during the pandemic that was screening for digital and data-driven solutions to protect the world from the emergence of future pandemics.