October 16, 2021

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Amazon Announces Plan to Build a New Development Center in Finland to develop new Deliver Robot Tech for Scout

Amazon Deliver Robot Tech

pic courtsey: https://www.dogonews.com/2019/9/24/amazons-delivery-robots-may-soon-be-knocking-at-your-door

E-commerce giant Amazon on Thursday announced its plans to develop novel technology for its autonomous last-mile delivery robots in Finland. According to a blog post announcement by the tech giant, the company is establishing a new “Development Center” in the country to accelerate development of Amazon Scout, the completely electric autonomous delivery robot that is currently under pilot testing across four locations in the United States.

Amazon is planning to build a Development Center is planning to build delivery robot tech for its delivery robot, Amazon Scout, in Helsinki, Finland. The team of engineers working at the center will be focusing on R&D to develop a 3D software to simulate real-life complexities. This would enable the team to ensure Scout’s navigation in neighborhoods is safe and convenient for last-mile deliveries. The technology would also help Scout learn more human-like skills to deliver the products and the company plans to add more features to Amazon Scout. In addition, the team of engineers in Finland’s center would actively collaborate with Amazon Scout team of engineers across Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. Amazon announced it was chiefly hiring engineers backed with an expertise in robotics and autonomous systems tech to spearhead the new technology in the Finland’s center. According to the company, it creates over thousands of quality jobs across Europe and invests billions to develop local economies. The news of the new center comes month after the tech company acquired Umbra, which is based in Finland and specializes in visibility solution technology.

Amazon Scout is a small and compact delivery robot, which is roughly similar to a mini cooler. It has the capability of transporting small packages along sidewalks, making it a remarkable asset of last-mile delivery.