Top 10 Global Companies in the Digital Workplace Industry

Top 10 Globally Renowned and Leading Companies in the Digital Workplace Industry

Digital workplace is a combination of digital tools, cutting-edge technologies, and excellent support services that allows employees to work from anywhere, anyplace, and anytime in a secure environment. Digital workplace services cover everything from instant messaging to virtual conference and meeting tools. Incorporation of advanced digital tools such as HR applications, video conferencing, and enterprise social media tools, the digital workplace is breaking down barriers of communications and thereby boosting employee efficiency and growth in a truly digital world.

In today’s always connected and instantly accessible environment, the lines between physical office and virtual realm has blurred, increasingly so amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, increasing number of businesses are developing seamless digital workplaces that aims to enable a streamlined and collaborative workplace that amalgamates applications, data, resulting information, and tools that are customized according to enterprise and organizations. According to Emergen Research, the global digital workspace market value is expected to reach USD 90.52 Billion in 2028, at a CAGR of 21.3% throughout the forecast period.

The digital workplace equips organization with services and capabilities across five major domains including communication and employee engagement, collaboration, collecting and sharing information and knowledge, business applications, and agile working. A digital workplace integrates all the disjointed business applications used within an organization and enables employees have uninterrupted access to necessary work tools and data on a single digital platform. A digital workplace leverages latest mobility services and disruptive digital technologies to adapt to the way people work and boost employee engagement and performance. Several organizations have now incorporated services such as Bring-Your-Own device (BYOD) and cloud computing to revolutionize their workplace services.

Five Major Benefits of Digital Workplace

  • Increasing flexibility and enhanced employee experience

Majority digital workplaces enables employees to choose their own devices and facilitate different workstyles which helps attract, retain, engage, and motivate the employees. Employee data and content is securely incorporated in collaboration tools, cloud storage, and corporate drop boxes that enable employees to work seamlessly from any device, anywhere, and at any time. This drastically boosts productivity of employees and agility of organizations.

  • Optimization of corporate expenses

Digital workplace drastically reduces overhead costs owing to increasing penetration of virtual meetings and interactive chat boards. In addition, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform can eliminate the need for a large IT infrastructure for efficient management of on-premise servers or custom software that is time- and labor-intensive.

  • Improved Productivity and Employee Efficiency

Today’s digitally connected world and increasing use of shared documents such as Google Docs and calendars have streamlined processes enabling employees to get more work in less time. Moreover, utilization of user-friendly tools and services that employees can easily manage and troubleshoot when needed can free up IT experts to focus on more important tasks.

  • Enhanced Communication and Innovation

A well-structured digital workplace enables communication between lower-level and higher-level employees which boosts the sharing and exchanging of radical ideas and strategies within the organization. A two-way communication among the employees in an organization has enabled every individual to expresses their opinions and ideas and given rise to innovation and seamless communication.

  • Bolstering Talent Recruitment and Retention

In an excellent digital workplace, growing opportunities to connect and network with team members and share ideas and opinions has enhanced employee happiness and engagement. Such talented and satisfied employees are more likely to stay with the organizations for longer period owing to increasing number of digital opportunities. In advanced and progressive work environments, top candidates are more likely to deliver on expectation set by the organizations and this has also increased the ability of organizations to hire candidates having high imagination and more skills.

While nearly all the companies across the globe are in the favor of digital workplace, only % of the organizations have actively implemented it. As more and more companies have shifted to remote work amid the growing caseload of COVID-19, it has now become more important than ever for organizations to incorporate digital workplace platforms as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy.

World’s Leading Companies in Digital Workplace Industry: Top 10 by Revenue

  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation
  • Accenture Plc
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • NTT DATA Corporation
  • DXC Technology
  • Atos SE
  • HCL Technologies
  • Wipro, Ltd.
  • Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Unisys Corporation

Top 10 Globally Leading Companies in Digital Workplace Market by Revenue

  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation – Revenue [US$76.2 Billion]

IBM, an American multinational tech company, has been delivering advanced solutions and services to its clients for over a century and operates in over 176 countries across the globe. IBM Digital Workplace as a Service is an integrated solution for unified device management and procurement that addresses numerous mobility challenges such as customer support, maintenance, security, and warranties. IBM Digital WaaS is a cloud-based service that provides seamless support to procurement and management of device and application across numerous platforms. This service offers a comprehensive set of services to reduce complexity of multivendor device management and direct consumer consumption. It also offers a per-user and per-month subscription that offers enhanced cost control and scalability option to organizations.

  • Accenture Plc – Revenue [US$44.33 Billion]

Accenture Plc. is an Irish multinational company that offers consulting and processing services and has an expertise in digital, cloud, and security sectors. Accenture’s digital workplace team and services are focusing on developing next-generation workplace services by partnering with Fjord, a part of Accenture Interactive. The teams are also collaborating with Accenture Labs to improve VR experiences to reshape the workplace experience with the incorporation of advanced technologies. Accenture’s Elastic Digital Workplace solutions improves the core workplace experience and develops a flexible environment that enables scaling and dynamic adaption of changing businesses needs on a global scale. The workplace solutions offered by the company assists organizations to radically improve employee engagement and productivity.

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – Revenue [US$23 Billion]

A global leader in IT services and consulting and business solutions, Tata Consultancy Services is the largest IT company in the world with a market capitalization of USD 169.2 Billion as of May 2021. TCS DigiGOV Digital Workplace solutions provides a bolstering enterprise platform that streamlines service transformation. TCS’ Workplace as a Service is a PaaS solution that powers up a digital workplace which includes services such as virtual desktops, application virtualization, UEM, and mobile device management. It also offers multi-cloud support, context-aware security, tailor made solutions, and end-to-end automation to boost efficiency and productivity across organization. TCS’ Workplace as a Service solution is a robust solution that offers support to a flexible, adaptable, and agile business operating model that improves end-user experience, cost-efficiency, and streamlines management and IT operations. In August 2020, TCS was named as a Leader in Advanced Digital Workplace Services by NelsonHall NEAT for the second consecutive year.

  • NTT DATA Corporation – Revenue [US$21 Billion]

NTT DATA Corporation is a Japanese multinational IT service and consulting company that is a part of NTT Group. The company offers digital workplace services that enables easy hiring and retaining of right talent while simultaneously optimizing operations and providing robust security. In 2019, the company was named a “Leader” in Digital Workplace Services owing to its focus on user experience and client-centric transformation approach. NTT DATA’s workplace services include AI-based advanced analytics, workplace platform management, unified communication and collaboration, device support, workplace transformation, and consulting services.

  • DXC Technology – Revenue [US$19.58 Billion]

DXC Technology is an American multination corp. that provides B2B IT services that enables global companies to run their systems and operations with modernized IT solutions and optimized data architecture. DXC Technology provides a personalized, intelligent, secure, and modern workplace experience to increase collaboration and productivity on any device, from anywhere, and at anytime. Modern Workplace services offers employees an easy way to find, comprehend, and engage with IT experts that enables them to work efficiently and seamlessly. The services consists of device management, collaboration tools, digital support, and asset management.

  • Atos SE – Revenue [US$14.28 Billion]

French multinational IT service and consulting company, Atos SE offers hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, big data, cybersecurity, and cloud-based services. Atos combines its expertise in employee experience with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace technology to digitally transform workplaces. Atos’ Workplace as a Service is a combination of three main elements that bring about excellence to workplace environment with enhanced safety of employees and massive data of an organization. The Workplace as a Service is a comprehensively managed service – from provisioning to IT support, thereby freeing up IT experts to deal with other more crucial tasks.

  • HCL Technologies – Revenue [US$11 Billion]

HCL Technologies is an Indian multinational IT services and consulting company that offers innovative solutions based on digital, IoT, cloud automation, cybersecurity, and analytics, among others. HCL offers consulting and operations’ assistance to streamline BYOD, mobility, collaboration tools, enterprise network, desktop delivery, end-user services, and user support environment to empower high-performing workplaces. HCL’s MyWorkplace offers a unified portal to ensure secure and remote access to enterprise data. HCL Intellizone offers an interactive walk-in zone through a quick and intelligent resolution of IT issues. In March 2021, HCL Technologies and Google Cloud expanded their partnership to incorporate HCL Software’s Digital Experience (DX) and Unica Marketing cloud-native platform on Google Cloud.

  • Wipro, Ltd. – Revenue [US$8.7 Billion]

Wipro Limited is an Indian multination corporation that provides services in the field of information technology, consulting, and business process services. It is a globally leading company that offers innovation-led strategy, technology, and business consulting services. Wipro’s Modern Workplace enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformation by developing digitally connected hubs and enhance collaborative culture at work. Amalgamation of AI and ML with Microsoft Power Platform Services, organizations can build custom business apps which enhances data and workplace experience with improved flexibility across web, mobile, and other devices.

  • Citrix Systems, Inc. – Revenue [US$3.24 Billion]

Citrix Systems, Inc. is an American multinational software company that provides server, application and desktop visualization, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and cloud computing technologies. Citrix has three segments including Workspace services, Delivery Network, Mobility Apps. Citrix Workspace is a digital workspace solutions that enables employees to access company apps and data on a single centralized platform. The solutions offered by Citrix Systems offers employees access to everything they need to improve their efficiency and productivity from anywhere, on any device, and on any network. It allows employees to securely access SaaS and web apps, corporate data and files, and virtual apps and desktops.

  • Unisys Corporation – Revenue [US$2.03 Billion]

Unisys Corporation is a Pennsylvania-based IT company that offers IT services, software, and technology. The company offers outsourcing and managed services, high-end server technology, cloud management service, cybersecurity, and system integration and consulting services. Unisys Corporation offers TecLink that provides employees a kiosk-based option to interact with human support agent and offers numerous benefits such as delivering hands-on support with augmented reality (AR) and remote support to employees to increase their work efficiency. The company also offers a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) services with remote management technology that enables employees to have access to tools that are required for collaboration and productivity such as Office 365, have robust control over data, and streamline security policies and tools. In August 2020, the company was named as the market leader in Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) Vendor Analysis report for Advanced Digital Workplace Services by NelsonHall for the third consecutive year.

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