October 16, 2021

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Vodafone Joins Forces with Porsche and HERE Technologies to Develop Real-time Warning System using 5G Technology

Vodafone Joins Forces with Porsche and HERE Technologies to Develop Real-time Warning System using 5G Technology

pic courtsey: https://www.metaswitch.com/about/press-releases/metaswitch-and-vodafone-conduct-industrys-first-5g-wireless-wireline-convergence-tests

British multinational telecom company Vodafone is partnering with automobile manufacturer Porsche AG and mapping and location services company HERE Technologies to develop real-time warning systems. The study aims to understand how 5G technology and highly precise location determination can enhance traffic safety, analyze hazardous traffic situations, and minimize the number of accidents over the coming years.

HERE Technologies, Porsche, and Vodafone are joining forces to develop real-time warning system to enable the vehicles and drivers receive hazardous warnings directly and in a timely manner so that they can respond to the critical situation immediately. The study is being carried out at the Vodafone 5G Mobility Lab in Aldenhoven, where the partners are testing the real-time warning system under conditions that are similar to the everyday road and traffic situations for the first time. The study will mainly focus on hazardous situations that are difficult to comprehend or see for vehicle drivers. The information will be captured using camera and sensor systems leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and high-definition map and positioning technology and the data collected will further be processed and evaluation directly on-road and on the edge of network using Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). Leveraging 5G technology and an intelligent Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) message broker, the data can be transferred to drivers and vehicles moving towards dangerous situations. For efficient detection of hazardous situations, Live Sense SDK developed by HERE Technologies will be used along with HD maps and positioning technology. The system is incorporated into consumer devices having front-facing cameras and utilizes computer vision and AI to screen and identify foreign objects and changes in driver behavior or road conditions that could lead to road accidents.

Feasibility studies, also called Proofs of Concepts (PoC) are vital project management processes that enable timely validation of application requirements and acceptance tests to be performed efficiently in association with partners. According to Andre Schlufter, head of Connectivity and SIM Management at Porsche AG, this PoC will enable the automobile maker to expand research studies in the field of 5G network technology along with studying emerging technologies to develop futuristic products. After the initial tests are concluded in Aldenhoven, the companies plan to further streamline the real-time warning system and assess its capability in routine use. Additional assessments will be carried out in different locations under various roadside conditions.