October 16, 2021

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Lenovo Introduces New Line of Laptop Accessories and Wireless Charging

Lenovo Introduces New Line of Laptop Accessories and Wireless Charging

At CES 2021, Lenovo introduced the “Lenovo Go” line of accessories, which includes portable peripherals such as a do-it-yourself laptop wireless charging kit, a vertically oriented mouse, and an ergonomic split keyboard. Two new mobile monitors were also unveiled by the business.

These new peripherals join a slew of other ThinkPad and ThinkVision announcements that can be used in tandem with some of these new accessories.

The Go Wireless Charging Kit is a new product from Lenovo. This gadget enables customizable wireless charging to a variety of computers. Instead of the more widespread Qi standard, Lenovo uses Energy Square’s “Power by Contact” technology in this device.

This kit includes a brushed metal charging mat that can be mounted on the wall and kept on the desk, as well as a long wireless charging receiver that plugs into the bottom of the laptop and connects through USB-C. This kit, according to Lenovo, can charge 13-inch to 14-inch “non-touch laptops with up to 65W power input support” with 93 percent efficiency and is compatible with both Windows and macOS devices once set up.

Wireless charging is a rather uncommon feature on laptops. In 2017, Dell announced the Latitude 7285, the world’s first wirelessly charging 2-in-1, but it was more of a tablet with a keyboard base for charging. In addition, Intel has been working on incorporating the Rezence magnetic resonance charging standard into laptop specs, but no commercial device has yet been developed that implements it.

Lenovo will release the Go Wireless Charging Kit accessory in October for a price of USD 139.99 in countries other than the U.S. Apart from this device, Lenovo has also released Qi-compatible powerbanks, wireless mice, headphones, and keyboards under the Go brand.