Smartphone Brands OnePlus and Oppo Further Strengthen Ties with a Merger, Aim to Develop Better and Efficient Products for Consumers

Smartphone Brands OnePlus and Oppo Further Strengthen Ties with a Merger

Renowned smartphone brand OnePlus officially announced its merger with the Chinese smartphone brand, Oppo, in a bid to combine capabilities of each smartphone companies to gain a robust footing against tech behemoth like Xiaomi. OnePlus officials announced a new journey for the company with a stronger partnership with Oppo, its sister smartphone brand. The merger aims to enable companies develop better products, increase efficiency, and bring more stable software updates quicker for OnePlus users.

Smartphone brand OnePlus was established by Pete Lau and Carl Pei, former VP of Oppo. During Pete Lau’s tenure in Oppo, the company began working closely with OnePlus by integrating number of teams from both the companies to streamline operations and maximize on shared resources. However, even though they have joined forces, OnePlus will continue to work as an independent brand and there may not be much changes in the operations of OnePlus indicating that OnePlus branding, feedback channels, and products will continue operating same as before. Joining forces with Oppo will allow OnePlus to capitalize on the resources and operations of the former. Oppo has a broad range of affordable smartphones, where OnePlus has recently forayed into the under ₹25,000 segment of smartphones with the launch of its Nord series. The shared resources and manpower are expected to assist OnePlus in scaling up its business and introduce more cost-effective and affordable products. OnePlus will also be able to fully access Oppo’s R&D, supply chain, production line, and sales network which will help the company to release stable and timely software updates.

The two smartphone brands – owned by BBK Electronics – have been working in association for the entirety of last year with OnePlus 9 phones in China running on ColorOS that Oppo smartphones use. OnePlus units that are sold on a global scale will still run on OxygenOS. In a smartphone and IoT connected world, integration of OnePlus with Oppo will enable it to gain a robust footing in the highly intense competitive landscape of smartphone market.

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