October 16, 2021

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Google Expands Workspace Suite Offering to All Users amid Growing Remote Work

Google Expands Workspace Suite Offering to All Users amid Growing Remote Work

Tech giant Google recently unveiled a slew of updates to its Workspace productivity suite to address the challenges rising in the hybrid work world. Google is expanding its Workspace suite to everyone with a Google account to gain a robust footing in the market amid growing competition. Expanding access to Workspace will offer existing users full Google Workspace experience which includes Gmail, Chat, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and others.

Google, on Monday, announced new innovations and features to address the growing challenge and complication arising in the hybrid work world. By turning on Google Chat in Gmail, users can avail the integrated experience in Google Workspace. Google will also offer Workspace Individual, which has been specifically designed for entrepreneurs that extends premium features of the software to small businesses. It is a subscription-based service offering for small businesses that includes smart booking services, professional video meetings, and personalized email marketing. The service is set to roll out in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Australia. Introduction of Spaces will enhance the Rooms experience in Google Chat and convert it into a dedicated place for organizing topics, projects, and people in Google Workspace. Over the coming months, the tech giant will convert Rooms to Spaces and will be launching a streamlined and flexible user interface that will assist teams and individuals on being up to date with important tasks and information. Google also announced enhancements to its video conferencing tool Google Meet and upgrades to security and privacy capabilities to provide support to hybrid workspace collaborations. Introduction of Companion Mode in Google Meet will enable every participant to access interactive features and controls such as polls, in-meeting chat, Q&A, live captions, and more.

In addition, to strengthen digital security, Google will also offer customers client-side encryption which will allow them to shield their data using encryption keys making them undecipherable to Google and others. The world is progressing towards a hybrid workspace and Google’s announcement demonstrates its ambition to dominate the markets, especially among workers, students, and consumers.