Samsung Begins Mass Production of 8nm RF Chips to Strengthen 5G Communications

Samsung Begins Mass Production of 8nm RF Chips to Strengthen 5G Communications

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in advanced semiconductor technology, recently announced that it has developed an 8-nanometer process technology for radio frequency chips as it aims to scale-up its foundry services for 5G mobile semiconductors. The 8nm foundry of the tech giant will deliver 5G single-chip RF solutions that will support sub-6-GHz to millimeter wave spectrum.

Radio frequency integrated circuit is an electrical integrated circuit that can operate in a frequency range suitable for wireless transmissions. According to the tech giant, its 8nm process will enhance power efficiency by 35% and minimize chip area by 35% as compared with the 14nm process. Samsung has developed an advanced and self-developed RF extreme FET semiconductor device to boost electron movement and minimize resistance, power consumption, and degrading power of amplification and overcome analog/RF scaling challenges. This can reduce the number of transistors required and minimize power consumption while simultaneously reducing the area of analog circuit. The company is utilizing very fine 8-nanometer processing technology for the mass production of one-chip solution – as the company calls it – for 5G-capable telecommunications and will support multi-channel and multi-antenna designs.

Samsung’s 8nm RF process technology is the newest addition to its extensive portfolio of RF-related solutions, which includes 28nm- and 14nm-based RF chips. Samsung hopes to strengthen its foothold in the contract chipmaking sector through the introduction of this latest chip technology.

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