September 18, 2021

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Apple Increases Focus on Privacy to Give Users More Control over Their Data

Apple Increases Focus on Privacy to Give Users More Control over Their Data

In the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021, tech giant Apple introduced new versions of its operating system highlighting the company’s increasing focus on privacy. Over the last few years, Apple has been the most privacy-sensitive big tech across the globe and has launched a variety of iPhone features that restrict app access to personal data. Apple’s privacy feature has now become an integral part of its products with Apple announcing numerous privacy-focused features and apps for the forthcoming operating systems.

The privacy-focused features includes mail privacy protection wherein the mail app will run images through proxy servers to circumvent tracking pixels that offers email marketers information about when and where the messages were opened. iCloud subscribers will also be able to create temporary and anonymous email addresses inside the mail app to hide IP address and location. Apple iCloud storage service subscribers can avail a feature called iCloud+ which will include Private Relay which can hide user IP addresses. When browsing the internet through Safari, the data of users will sent through two separate servers to cover up the user’s identity and the sites they are browsing. Apple will also offer app privacy report by hinting at apps that collect information and relay it to third parties and which server apps connect to. It will also indicate the frequency of the apps using cameras and microphones.

Apple’s privacy infrastructure will also enable the company to expand its footprint into lucrative markets like online payments, health, and identity. Apple can also develop new products while ensuring data security regulations are being followed. In addition, these new features will also make users more comfortable with apps that deal with sensitive and confidential information.