Maserati released the latest preview of Grecale SUV: launched in the second half of this year

According to foreign media reports, on Thursday, local time, Maserati released the latest teaser photos for its upcoming small SUV, Grecale. It is reported that this car will be announced later this year. Unfortunately, Maserati decided to blur the photos drastically, which made it difficult for everyone to see the details.


But you can still see some details, like the headlights, they look very different. Last year, Maserati also released a preview of Grecale, when its headlights looked more rounded, rather than sharp as seen on Levante. Given the camouflage and blur effects, it is too early to say what an SUV will look like.


The back looks more like Levante equipped with longer LED lights. It remains to be seen whether the trapezoidal appearance will be suitable for Maserati’s small SUV or whether it will start to break some of the existing design elements.

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