Apple is developing products that will be more significant than the iPhone

Apple is developing products that will be more significant than the iPhone

According to foreign media reports, it is not difficult for most people to identify Apple’s most successful products, and the answers range from iPhone and iPad to Mac, Apple Watch and so on. In fact, Apple is a very successful hardware company, and it is constantly updating its popular consumer technology product lineup. Therefore, rumors have begun several months before the release of the iPhone 13 series.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the next-generation iPhone will add a smaller slot, various screen options and improvements to the camera.


To be sure, the iPhone has brought a huge profit share to Apple , and in the eyes of the public, it is also the product that has the closest connection with the Cupertino-based consumer electronics giant. Nevertheless, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been emphasizing to anyone willing to listen that Apple is actually developing a product that will be far more important to the company than the iPhone.


You might as well stop here as if thinking. Just less than a month ago, Apple announced an amazing quarterly performance. For the first time, it achieved more than $100 billion in quarterly revenue-thanks in part to a 17% year-on-year increase in iPhone revenue.


As far as the iPhone’s next development direction is concerned, a new patent shows that Apple is studying a technology that allows mobile phone screens with a default refresh rate of 60Hz to run at 240Hz. This indicates that Apple may be developing devices that support adaptive refresh rate screens, similar to Android phones such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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