Carl Runefelt is all about his passion for bitcoin which has helped him make a name for himself as a trader and YouTuber.

With so many advancements taking over different industries of the world, how could the monetary industry be behind? The introduction of bitcoin had shaken the world for the better when it got launched more than a decade ago in the market. Some people hardly paid attention to it while some others got fascinated to know more about the same looking also at the high volatility of the same. Trading has been an industry that many people have been a part of since years, but now was the time for them to be a part of cryptocurrency trading. Carl Eric Martin Runefelt, aka The Moon Carl, is a popular educationist on YouTube about bitcoin and he believes that it is something that is growing each passing day and hence people must get useful and meaningful information about it to also encourage investors to invest in the same. The young YouTuber believes that people who invest in bitcoin turn out to be millionaires and it becomes imperative to know how one can do it before one becomes a bitcoin trader.

                 Carl Eric Martin Runefelt And His Tips On Becoming A Successful Trader

Below are a few tips by Carl Eric Martin for people wishing to make it big as successful traders.


  • Save enough: The number one rule is to first save enough before an individual starts trading since there is no guarantee that one would make profits out of the deal at the first instance. Also, because the markets are volatile, it better to trade with capital that people are ready to lose.
  • Set marginal borders: For individuals to work with a stable mind they must set a certain margin for both profits and loss, says Carl Eric Martin. Having restrictions on targeted profit and maximum loss helps individuals to make correct decisions during crucial times.
  • Stay in trend: The bitcoin world is not only volatile, but it is also dynamic and an individual must always stay in trend with the changing times of the industry by updating himself with the accurate most information. These pieces of new information help individuals take informed decisions for their next trade deals.
  • Gain knowledge about technical analysis: Strategies that work for individuals today may not necessarily work for them always, points out Carl Eric Martin. For this, individuals must study analytical charts for making their perfect trading decisions. Studying technical analysis would help them with careful analysis, which would allow them to predict the future value of the bitcoin.


Carl Eric Martin has always tried to be in sync with the changing demands of the market and yet stick to basics in making people understand the significance of bitcoin through his YouTube channel. This has made him a prominent personality in the industry with an increasing number of subscribers and followers on social media platforms.


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