There have been many renowned music artists who have left aside their troubled past and went ahead to become biggest music stars ever known in history. They have come up solely based on their talent, without any mentor or support, and made a place in the hearts of million through their music. One such youngster, who has set aside his irrelevant past and grown up to become a music sensation who tops the music charts of present times, is YB Stainz.


Coming from a modest background in East Toronto in Scarborough from the Malvern community, having grown up in a neighbourhood which was famous for its not so legal activities, Stainz found himself to be a part of that notorious gang, whose activities soon had him under custodial house arrest. “It was in the year 2015, when one night, I had a dream, in which I was making my own music, singing along, on my own writings. The renditions were so surreal that it touched the bottom of my heart, and I woke up having made up my mind to leave the forbidden path I was in, and make better life for myself by pursuing a musical career. The next morning was the start of a new beginning, and I started dedicating myself totally to music in order to make it big into the world of music”, says Stainz.


The time that followed transformed YB Stainz into a fine performer, singer and songwriter, whose talent took him to soaring heights where he stands at present. “I have drawn inspiration from many artists whom I idolize like 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, Kodak Black, Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Sparta, Masicka, and Tupac. These famous artists have motivated me to the core and driven me to reach for my goals which seemed unrealistic initially” states Stainz. His songs ‘You Gotta Get Your Knowledge Up’, ‘Big Dreams’, & ‘Ten Toes Down’ have struck a chord with his audience due to its meaningful lyrics and music which doesn’t fail to touch hearts.

YB Stainz is seen as an upcoming talent who will sweep the music industry by its feet for sure in times to come. Follow him on Instagram @yb.stainz or visit his website – to have a glimpse of his musical journey.