At just 19, Idrees Kickz carved out a successful online sneaker-selling business with his innate passion and determination to own a business.

Colleges and institutions can teach you the basic skills of becoming an entrepreneur, but having just the bookish knowledge cannot help you conquer the tides and ebbs of success in the real practical world. In the real world, you face many challenges that test your mettle, and how you combat them, is what makes you a successful entrepreneur. As is the example of 19-year-old Idrees Kickz aka Mohammad Edris Hashimi, the renowned millionaire from Canada, who has reached the top of the sneaker industry.

He provides a list of skills, which you should have to see off the real-world challenges, they are: –

• Focus: When you are running a business, it is easy to get distracted, as so many things happen at the same time. Idrees Kickz says that entrepreneurs with great vision often don’t back it with a follow-through. They should identify where their passion lies and focus on one activity at a time.

Idrees Kickz, who made millions by running multi online businesses, gives 5 skills that entrepreneurs learn practically.

• Never Give Up: Idrees Kickz has experienced that when you plan to do something huge, most of the time you encounter resistance, i.e. people bogging you down, telling you that your idea won’t work. But it is crucial to remember that if your instincts or belief wants to do it despite the naysayers, then stick with it, do not give up. One should never give up their conviction just because their idea is met with resistance.

• Learn to say “no”: Temptations often mislead entrepreneurs. Be it a genuinely good side business idea, or investment deals to grow your company, always remember when to put your foot down. Many people can get carried away with success and don’t know when to pull out of it. Staying focus can only work if you know when to say “no”.

• Nothing is perfect: No business has achieved perfectionism. Seldom, entrepreneurs get stuck on getting perfect results, but that is not how business works. Mistakes happen; most successful entrepreneurs have witnessed failure before attaining success; one must learn from their failures.

• Maximize your revenue generation: Idrees Kickz believes that getting the right revenue is the most important thing for an entrepreneur. One needs money to have the freedom to expand their business, keep employees happy with bonuses, and also gift their clients for consumer satisfaction. This is the fundamental skill of any business, and the entrepreneur must keep enhancing the revenue of their company.

Idrees Kickz is the owner and founder of “Woiair” – an online portal selling the best brands of sneakers. He launched the brand in 2015; he practically learned these five skills and kept them in mind, to garner impeccable success. In 2020, he has ventured into other businesses like Woiair – Real Estate, Digital Agency, and Merchandise.