Wikileaf Technologies Inc. (CSE: WIKI) comes with a corporate update to the Company’s shareholders and stakeholders and announced the results of its Annual General Meeting of shareholders . Shareholders elected Connor Cruise, Daniel Nelson, Manoj Hippola, David (Cy) Scott and Murray Hinz for the ensuing year at the annual general meeting.

Like the crisis waged by COVID-19 across the globe, first eight months proved a period of transion for the WIkileaf.

Cannabis space also faced challenges because of on-going regulatory requirements demanding the business owners to pivot the strategies overnight. Funding during a vital time for the operators purposed to manage and expand operations in cannabis industry saw a decrease because of challenges of negative sentiment and increased uncertainty among the investment community. However, the industry has showed a increasing trend in sales of legal cannabis and the products related to cannabis under the North American jurisdictions related to cannabis for adult-use consumption.

The company says despite the burden by overwhelming regulatory barriers, legalization relaed to adult-use cannabis in Canada and some U.S. states have been material events. Heavy advertising restrictions for cannabis brands on traditional platforms is the part where the opportunity for the company lies.

The company has a mission to make a platform to provide a forum, community and culture for these brands to gain its presence online.

Wikileaf platform is focused on a driving opportunity for the companies who want strong connection with cannabis users and enthusiasts and pay attention to users purchasing intentions, and utilize the entertaining and informative content to reach this audience.