August 13, 2020

Trevali Issues Update related to COVID-19 Cases at Santander

Trevali Mining Corporation, global base-metals mining company has issued an update related to the previously announced COVID-19 Positive cases and further testing at the Santander mine in Peru. 19 workers were tested positive for COVID-19 during routine serological testing about two weeks ago. The company suspended the operations at Santander in the response of this development. The company had quarantined all 298 workers on site and went for further testing.

Now the company updated that its 82 workers have tested positive for COVID-19. The company used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) way of testing. It says currently three individuals are displaying mild symptoms while other workers tested have left as asymptomatic. However, the company has kept the operations suspended in order to maintain the health and safety of company’s employees and the community.

Trevali has health professionals in place for the Santander operation to monitor and provide medical assistance for the staff. The company is also prevailing the additional resources where it required. The company is transporting the workers who were tested negative and those who are not required for critical tasks at the operation are being returned to their homes with the facilities. Those workers who have tested positive will stay in safe quarantine for up to two weeks. Further stated that, the affected workers with symptoms will be brought to the medical facilities for treatment.

President and CEO of Trevali Ricus Grimbeek told, “Care for our workforce is our top priority. We have suspended the mining and milling operations at Santander and are focusing on providing a safe environment to workers so that they can continue their quarantine. I am grateful that the vast majority of workers affected are currently asymptomatic with the remaining few showing mild symptoms, and to the team for their quick action in following the plan that we put in place at the onset of the pandemic. We are working with our main contractors and government to determine new screening and testing protocols before we determine a re-start date. The health and well-being of workers will be our primary focus in any decisions made.”