July 13, 2020

Meridian Adhesives Group Appoints Nicolas Schwarz to Global Sales Director of Electronics Division

Meridian Adhesives Group (Meridian), a familiar manufacturer of high-value adhesives and sealants technologies, has appointed Nicolas Schwarz as Global Sales Director of the company’s Electronics Division. Schwarz served John P. Kummer GmbH (JPK) as Managing Director for a long period of time before joining Meridian Adhesives Group. Schwarz began his transition to the new role after Meridian acquired the adhesives division of JPK in April this year.

Schwarz is prominent personality in the electronics market and its network after serving more than 10 years. He has good experience in Meridian’s Electronics Division as he stayed on Board of Directors at Epoxy Technology Europe which was acquired by Meridian company. With his widen expertise he will work with Meridian’s senior leadership to drive global organic growth, provide the assistance in acquisition activities and lead the electronics division according to the key objectives of Meridian’s overarching strategy.

Before his service at JPK Schwarz served as Director of Research and Development at Hartmann Group, where he supervised the development of medical devices, products for the global consumer market like commodities and cosmetics. Mr. Schwartz has experience of business development, sales, project, and corporate management. Mr. Schwarz will also bring his experience of working with numerous cultures on a daily basis and as a broad understanding of global positioning.

Mr. Schwarz said that he is looking forward to work for Meridian’s Electronics Division and make it a preferred solution provider in the industry. He added, “The team’s substantial knowledge, along with the dedicated global distribution network, will provide premium service and an extended portfolio of high quality products. The future will bring enhanced and focused sales and technical support activity to our partners.”

Following the transition to new role Schwarz will work closely with Michael Harrington who is the commercial leader of Meridian’s Electronics Division.

CEO of Meridian Daniel Pelton said Nicolas is the ideal fit for the role as Global Sales Director of company’s Electronics Division. He further added, “Through his knowledge of the electronics market and his commitment to driving growth and expansion on a global scale, Meridian will continue its trajectory of becoming the premier supplier of adhesives. I couldn’t be more pleased to have him join our team.”