July 13, 2020

Stingray Group announces to employ Targetspot for Global Audio Ad Sales on Stingray Music

Montreal-based Stingray Group Inc., one of the leading music, media, and technology company, has agreed to make Targetspot to monetize the global digital audio advertising across its Stingray Music services including the free, ad-supported TV audio channels (FAST) and the Stingray Music app. Targetspot is the leading digital audio space advertising agency.

According to stats, the in-home media consumption has increased the streaming consumption more than 35 percent amid the coronavirus pandemic. This heightened consumption is being seen as an opportunity to connect to more people. Through this partnership, Stingray can avail the opportunity to attract more advertisers and brands to purchase Stingray music and engage expanding audience of music lovers.

Targetspot, launched in 2007, hosts more than billion audio impression on monthly basis. The agreement with Stingray will make the company able to serve worldwide impressions for two years. It has 70 million monthly active users. Stingray provides a platform to experience premium music on its Stingray Music app without any additional cost. Users also listen to music through the free TV audio channels that works across leading OTT platforms including XUMO and LG.

During the accord, Senior Vice President of Advertising Solutions of Stingray Ryan Fuss said, “Targetspot is the ideal partner to support the ongoing growth and evolution of Stingray’s global digital audio strategy,” While Vice-President of Business Development in North America of Targetspot Dominick Milano commented; “It is often said that consumers follow content and advertisers follow consumers. Stingray Music’s FAST distribution strategy is brilliant in that it offers advertisers another unique and compelling way to connect with consumers.”

Stingray Group Inc. is a prominent music, media, and technology enhancement company with over 1,200 employees worldwide. While Targetspot is a division of AudioValley known as one of the most advanced digital audio advertising platform.