July 13, 2020

Study.com Partners with Drucker Institute to Launch Upskilling Opportunities Through Bendable

Study.com has announced that the company has collaborated with the Drucker Institute to enhance the upskilling opportunities of the residents through a new lifelong learning system called Bendable. The distant learning platform offers a wide range of stackable courses to its clients ranging from finance knowledge, digital skills and job readiness.

The online learning platform has got more than 79,000 lessons and all the company’s courses are available on the Bendable covering different topics. After the partnership, the Drucker Institute plans to expand the branches of Bendable to more than 10 – 15 different cities during the next 5 years.  The Company’s online learning platform, Bendable.com is available to the residents of the South Bend.

The mobile-first capabilities of the company also offer an easier medium for access to its clients, which help to provide broader access for learning.

The Drucker Institute is a Social enterprise and it is the mission of the company to strengthen the organization to strengthen the society. The company’s program helps the corporate government, non-government, corporate and community leaders.

Head of Drucker Institute’s KG Moon Center for Functioning Society, Rick Wartzman said, “For too many people, learning ends when they finish their formal schooling. Increasingly, however, economic opportunity—as well as dignity—hinges upon lifelong learning. The incredible breadth and depth of content that’s offered by Study.com will help ensure that South Bend residents have access to the kinds of learning opportunities that they’ll need to thrive in the face of a fast-changing economy and, now, COVID-19.”

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Study.com, Adrian Ridner said, “I am excited to partner with the Drucker Institute to make an impact in the region. The organization has a great history of taking on big challenges with innovative initiatives, and it’s great to be part of this one.”