July 13, 2020

Anvil Raises $5M from Series A Investment

Anvil has announced that the company has raised $5 million investment in Series A funding with the participation of Financial Venture, Citi Ventures, 122 West and Menlo Ventures.

Anvil is basically a low-code paperwork automation platform that helps businesses to shift from manual paperwork to online automation. This is a fact the Paperwork basically acts as the core of work in America, as millions of applications, forms and other documents are signed out and processed.

This overall process of traditional paperwork is insecure and poses threat to the secrecy of the system. The company provides expertise to different organizations to totally eliminate their paperwork by shifting their business to online automation.

General Partner at Gradient Ventures, Darian Shirazi said, “The addressable market for Anvil’s solution is limitless. America spends over $1 trillion each year completing, processing, and storing paperwork.”

Anvil’s platform has allowed existing paper and PDF forms to be automatically populated with a series of APIs and AI techniques. Processes that used to take weeks now take minutes and allow banks, insurance companies, and many other industries that rely on paperwork to automate and delight customers,” Darian Sherazi further added in his statement.

Partner at Menlo Ventures and investor in early-stage SaaS businesses, Naomi Ionita said, “I’m fascinated by technology that brings efficiency to businesses—from large enterprises all the way down to individuals who rely on software to accomplish their work.”

“Anvil’s broad set of tools, from developer-first APIs to their no-code workflow builder, helps automate away the mundane and painful parts of peoples’ jobs so they can focus on higher-order problems,” Naomi Ionita added.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anvil, Mang-Git Ng said, “We’re really proud of the way that Anvil’s platform bridges the gap from offline to online. As virtually all businesses struggle to deliver services remotely in this COVID-19 era, Anvil’s solution brings pen and paper processes online, enabling access to services whenever and wherever the customer is.”